European Documentation Centre NSK
Zagreb, National and University Library, Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4 (4th floor)

T +385 1 6164004, E edc@nsk.hr

Working hours: Mon – Fri 8-21, Saturday 9-14

What do we do?

We act as a point of reference for all information related to European Union, provide access to publications and documents published by the EU Publications Office, provide information on access to EU publications in an online environment, allow full inclusion of publications on EU-related issues in the NSK Library Catalog, collaborate with European Commission communication and information activities under the common name Europe Direct and participate in communication and information activities of the European Commission

What can you find in our EDC?

Official Journal of the European Union, preparatory acts of the institutions participating in the decision-making process, the case law of the European Court of Justice, parliamentary issues and debates, series of monographs, serials and periodicals by all institutions, agencies and bodies from different fields of activity, annual and monthly surveys published by the Statistical Office of EUROSTAT, etc.

European Documentation Center also provides access to online sources of official information,  such as Official Journal of the European Union, EUR-Lex, EU Bookshop, Eurostat, etc.

Our activities

Following its formal launch in October 2018, with the opening of the Second International Conference: Official Publications and National Information at the European Libraries held on 3 October, the NSK European Documentation Center joined the organization or hosted several events.

It is worth pointing out the participation in the conference Where are the young voters? organized by the Office of the European Parliament in the Republic of Croatia on November 30, 2018 in the small atrium of the National and University Library in Zagreb. The staff of the European Documentation Center NSK informed the participants about the work of the Center, its contents and the services that it offers, and at the end of the conference was organized an expert tour of the Library.

In January 2019, at the National and University Library in Zagreb, European Commission Representation in the Republic of Croatia and the marketing agency Instinct, organized the first workshop in a series on the skills of using and managing digital media and social networks, intended for staff of European Documentation Centers and Information Centers Europe Direct Service Centers (EDIC).

On the occasion of Europe Week, from 6 to 10 May 2019, the NSK European Documentation Center organized an exhibition of publications entitled “What the European Union does for us?”, In which the European Union publications available at the European Documentation Center were presented in the Library’s atrium. The exhibition was open to all visitors to the library, and those who showed additional interest we offered an opportunity to visit the Center, as well as to educate themselves about the European elections that followed.

European Documentation Center of the National and University Library in Zagreb on September 24, 2019 as part of this year’s European Sports Week and in cooperation with the European Documentation Center, the Library of the Faculty of Economics – Zagreb, the European Documentation Center IRMO Zagreb, European Commission Representation in the Republic of Croatia and the Central State Office for Sport, as well as cyclists of the Zagreb Library Association (ZKD Bicyclists), organized an EDC cycling tour in which participated librarians, library users and citizens. The European Documentation Centers involved in the organization were visited during the bicycle tour to get the participants, as well as the general public, acquainted with their work. The European Documentation Center of the National and University Library in Zagreb was the last point of the tour in order to hold the final event in the Library’s premises, thus symbolically announcing the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2020, which will take place in the National and University Library. library in Zagreb. Representatives from the National and University Library in Zagreb, the Central State Office for Sport and the NSK European Documentation Center welcomed the attendees, and little gifts provided by the Representation Office were prepared for all participants who took the entire route and collected all the stamps on the prepared cards.

The purpose of the bicycle tour was to promote the motto of the European Sports Week campaign #BeActive among colleagues and librarians, members of the academic community and the general public, in order to encourage them to exercise and to familiarize them with the work of the centers and the opportunities offered. Police escorts from the Zagreb Police Directorate also joined the cycling tour, with aim to connect the police, citizens and institutions that participated in the organization, and promote such a way of police support among the general public.

In addition to these events, the main role of the NSK European Documentation Center is educational and promotional, and in that sense we emphasize the number of visits of school children and students who visited EDC NSK during their educational organized tour of the Library, where EDC staff introduced them to the material which the Center covers and the services it provides. Particular emphasis is always given to the opportunities offered by the European Documentation Center to the group of visitors we are addressing, most often to acquaintance with information sources intended for schoolchildren and students, and the importance of publications available at the Center for Writing Graduate, Seminar, Final and graduation thesis. Speaking of numbers, by October 28, there were 765 elementary school students, 730 high school students (274 graduates), 699 students, and 268 other visitor profiles. The visits during the first part of the year were enriched with additional education on the importance of going to the European elections, and the visitors were provided with promotional materials prepared in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Croatia and the European Parliament Information Office in Croatia. In addition to the promotional material, visitors are also provided with publications by the EU Publications Office which are freely available on the info stand. With the announcement of a space and an interactive table, we believe that this form of content will be an additional impetus for informing the European Union to younger groups of visitors, who, as the figures show, are in the majority.